Use of «Gelios-11» in making processed foods

Use of collagen protein


in production of dough for semi-finished products

To prepare the dough for semi-finished products out of meat by-products and waste it is recommended to use «Gelios-11» Inject.

The particle size shall not exceed 130 µm what enables to significantly expedite the process of aqueous emulsion preparation and obtain the homogeneous mixture of high quality.

The fact that content of collagen which enters into composition of «Gelios-11» is of 93 ± 2%, enables to significantly enhance flexibility of dough, enhance its «adhesiveness», the seam becomes thin and strong.

Collagen protein when stored in freezing compartments and exposed to low temperatures, due to its adhesive property furthers to significant reduction of cracking of the ready semi-finished product and its deformation.

Collagen protein «Gelios-11»`s fat content of not more than 2% suppresses the pathogenic flora and undesirable microorganisms development what enables to increase the term of storage of finished products.


In the process of boiling the dough is of no cracks, disintegrations, the seam does not breaks.

Recommendations on application:


  1. Flour — 62 kg;
  2. Water — 36 l;
  3. Salt – 1,5 kg;
  4. Protein «Gelios-11» — 0,5 – 0,8 kg;

Total: 100 kg

Progression of filling:

Mix the dry collagen protein «Gelios-11» Inject with small amount of flour.

The mixer shall be filled with major part of the flour and in the process of mixing the preliminary prepared mixture of flour and «Gelios-11» Inject shall be added.

Salt and water shall then be filled in the mixer.

The ready dough shall be cured for 20-30 minutes.

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