The company's warranty is 10 years

Constant improvements: a trouble-free manufacture of Gelios-11 is guaranteed for the next 10 years

Only natural raw materials

Quality control: daily in-house and independent laboratory control

Extensive work experience

The professional team of OOO «Tomig» is ready to face any challenges


  1. Small private manufacturing enterprise «TOMIG»

  2. Setting up of the leather garment product manufacture

  3. Acquisition of 1.8 hectares of land for the first production line deployment in nikolayev, ukraine

  4. Commencement of the leather-dressing enterprise construction

  5. reorganization of the company into «TOMIG» limited liability company

  6. Launching of «TOMIG» llcs leather production

  7. Launching of the clothing-wool sheepskin processing facility

  8. Acquisition and launching of the leather and raw material enterprise in central asia/h2>

  9. Acquisition of 1.7 hectares of land for the second «TOMIG» llc production line deployment in nikolayev, ukraine

  10. Construction and launching of the beef collagen protein «Gelios-11» production plant


"Gelios-11" Fraction (Fiber):
It is designed for the manufacture of raw smoked and dry-cured meat products. Because of its long fiber structure (fiber sizes are more than 400 microns), this fraction acts as a powerful aggregating agent, which binds the components of the stuffing mixture, similar to reinforcing bars in reinforced concrete product.
Moreover, large fibers make it easier to get water away from a sausage baton, thereby reduce the drying and ripening times for raw smoked and dry-cured sausages. The recommended hydration for pellet preparation is 1:5-1:8. The use of "Gelios-11" as part of the stuffing mixture for raw smoked and dry-cured sausages allows enables replacing from 10% to 20% of the raw meat. It also gives juiciness and condenses the stuffing in the manufacture of chopped semi-finished products and semi-finished products in the dough.
"Gelios-11" Fraction (Standard)
It consists mainly of a fiber mixture of varying lengths from 230 to 400 microns and is used in the manufacture of various sausage products of the boiled and boiled-smoked groups. The recommended product hydration is 1:10-1:20 with the meat stuffing replacement of 15-20% but adjustments are possible depending on the raw meat quality and the product type.
The "Gelios-11" fraction (standard) can be used both in the pre-hydrated form and in the dry form, followed by the volume swell inside of a sausage baton. The positive effect of the application is achieved both with hot and cold water. It gives juiciness and the reheated products and makes them easy to bite (sausages, frankfurters, bratwursts).
It makes the re-heated products (sausages, frankfurters, bratwursts) juicier and easier to chew.
"Gelios-11" Fraction (Inject)
This is the smallest fraction. The particle size is no more than 230 microns. Its use in the injection brines for the gourmet group allows you to increase the output of the finished product significantly, as well as to eliminate the risk of the injector needle blockage.
After heating and cooling, a finished gourmet product becomes solid and has a high quality pattern on the cross-section without a subsequent moisture separation (removes synaeresis). The "Gelios-11" fraction (inject) in canned meat, pates etc. allows you to bind all of the recipe ingredients to a single system, while enriching the finished product with a natural, highly concentrated protein, thereby increasing the energy value of the canned food. The non-standard use of "Gelios-11" (inject) in the flour for semi-finished products in the dough improves the dough elasticity and helps to avoid its cracking after freezing.



  • Modern high-tech equipment
  • Continuous laboratory quality control of raw materials and finished products
  • Innovative manufacturing technology that excludes the use of bleaches, preservatives and antioxidants
  • Development of new types of products for use in other industries


The «Gelios-11» production is accredited under the HACCP system 22000:2005 and ISO 9001:2009. The use of «Gelios-11» has been approved by the Research and Certification Centre Halal «Alraid» in Ukraine.

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