Fraction inject. Specific use for injection

Use of collagen protein


For Injections in Delicacies and Smoked Products

It is recommended to use «Gelios-11» Inject for the injection in meat products of the gourmet group.

The particle size of the «Gelios 11» Inject micro-fraction is no more than 130 μm.

This feature allows you to achieve a homogeneous water emulsion without lumps in a relatively short time, which is an important indicator for these products.

Recommendations on the use:

The initial stage requires you to prepare a dry mixture of phosphates or phosphate-containing mixture (mixture of poly- and triphosphates (E451, E452)), salt, sodium nitrite, ham or beef flavor and the «Gelios-11» collagen protein.

The recommended amount of protein in the injection solution is 1-1.5%.

To prepare the brine, you need to solve the pre-cooked dry mixture in water until all ingredients are fully dissolved.

Then cool it with ice (if necessary).

The brine temperature shall not exceed + 2, + 4 ° C.


Raw materials are injected with (убрал a –прим.переводчика) finished brine from 1 to 3 times depending on the desired injection percentage, the equipment characteristics and the type of raw materials.

The use of the «Gelios-11» Inject collagen protein for injection shows excellent results, allowing you to increase output without compromising the homogeneity of the gourmet products, to reduce the weight loss in heat treatment, and to increase the density of the finished product.

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