Fraction fiber. Use for smoked and dried sausages

Use of Collagen Protein


For Raw Smoked and Dry-cured Sausages

For use in the stuffing mixture for raw smoked and dry-cured sausages, it is recommended to use the collagen protein «Gelios 11» Fiber. The distinguishing feature of this fraction is the long-fibered structure, which makes the product a powerful structure-forming agent that binds stuffing mixture components.

It is recommended to use protein ratio 1:5-1:6 depending on the quality of the raw meat material when preparing pellets.

Pour hot water into a meat cutting machine (T + 75, + 80° C), add calculated protein quantity, dye according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, spices, 1.5-2% of the salt of the protein amount and mince at a low rotation speed for 2-3 minutes until the uniform mass is received.

Put the obtained protein mass is into containers of the layer not exceeding 15-20 cm and leave for 2 hours at a temperature of T + 12, + 16 ° C.

Then put it into the refrigeration chamber (t + 4, + 8 ° C) for 8-12 hours until the full gelation.

Mince the finished gel in a meat cutting machine or chopper to the desired particle size.

Add meat stuffing and other ingredients.

The use of the «Gelios-11» Fiber collagen protein fiber in the stuffing composition for raw smoked and dry-cured sausages makes it possible to get a great pattern on the cross-section that looks like natural beef.

Thanks to the long fibers of «Gelios-11» Fiber, moisture is the most efficiently drained from a sausage baton, which reduces sausage drying and ripening time.

If you prepare pellets based on the «Gelios-11» collagen protein with hydration 1:5-1:6, it is possible to replace from 10% to 20% of the raw meat material.

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