The advantages of «Gelios-11»

Applications in the meat industry:

  1. Various types of sausages:
    • Sausages, frankfurter, boiled sausages;
    • Boiled and smoked, semi-smoked sausages;
  2. Chopped half-finished products
  3. Protein and fat emulsions
  4. Canned products
  5. Gourmet products

Advantages of «Gelios-11»

  1. In contrast to the protein and fat mixtures made of pork raw materials, which contain 8-15% fat, the fat content in «Gelios-11» does not exceed 2%.
  2. We use a special technology in its production to clean collagen-containing raw materials without using bleach, preservatives and antioxidants.
  3. Thanks to its fibrous structure, «Gelios-11» has a high water-binding capacity and after the product hydration with hot water (T 80-90 °С), its water-binding capacity is 15-20 parts of water per 1 part of the product.
  4. «Gelios-11» has undeniable advantages in boiled thin emulsion products, ham and other traditional meat products, acting as an aggregating agent. This «Gelios-11» function is particularly effective in the manufacture of products that contain low-protein meat ingredients and, respectively, have weaker aggregating properties (e.g., mechanically deboned meat).
  5. The natural animal protein «Gelios-11» ensures the technological process stability, as well as:
    • Increases the amount of animal protein in meat products, improves quality and nutritional value of finished products;
    • Creates meat chewy texture and structure;
    • does not contain GMOs;
    • Reduces moisture loss in heating and storage;
    • Improves the quality of product slicing;
    • has organoleptic indicators such as neutral smell and taste;
    • Maintains structure in the process of semi-finished product freezing/unfreezing;
  6. Another important fact is that the «Gelios-11» protein reduces the cost of finished products.
  7. Thanks to its fibrous structure, «Gelios-11» contributes to the reduction of synerisis in the storage of finished meat products.
  8. «Gelios-11» does not have an E number.
  9. «Gelios-11» is resistant to proteolytic enzymes.
  10. «Gelios-11» saves properties of the vacuumized meat products thanks to its moisture-retaining property and reduced meat juice loss.
  11. «Gelios-11» reduces the weight loss while heating (cooking) by 5% to 10% depending on the product type and its output.
  12. «Gelios-11» shows its functional properties, both separately and in combination with other components, such as vegetable, animal proteins, cereal fillers, carrageenans.

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